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edward cortner-levine

Edward has worked in medical billing and practice management for more than twenty years. From independent medical providers to outpatient surgical facilities, clinical laboratories, hospitals, and in everywhere in between, Edward has amassed a massive store of knowledge that serves our clients at every step of the way.


Edward has developed and implemented complex training manuals and courses for multiple healthcare providers over the course of his career, many of which are still in use to this day.


Born and raised in Southern California, Edward spent many of his formative years smoking behind the school gymnasium attempting to tame his fiery afro and fiery attitude (may they both rest in peace).  When not busy working or cleaning the house, Edward loves to run, cook, garden, and  completely forget what we were just talking about.

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jeffrey cortner-levine

Jeffrey the first fifteen years of his professional career working in financial technology, focused on customization, implementation, and integration of both internal and client-facing systems and reporting. 


since 2016 jeffrey has been managing the day-to-day operations of the business, as well as handling a growing roster of clients, primarily in the mental health field. jeffrey is currently working on developing a custom emr system that will be offered to all aon clients in the future.

born and raised in dartmouth, ma, jeffrey fled west to usc (Fight On!) and lived in la for 22 years before returning to Ma with edward, boomer, willa and diabla in tow. In his spare time, Jeffrey enjoys edward's cooking, being loud, pointing at brown spots in the lawn, and reminding Edward what we were just talking about.

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